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Ron Young

Private Lessons




1/2 hour session

1 hour session

1 hour (2-4 people)

Series of 6 (1/2 hour)

Series of 10 (1/2 hour)

Series of 5 (1 hour)


Junior (under 18)


1/2  hour session


*these prices do not include golf balls*

Group Package (Min 6- Max 8 Players)

    Form your own Group    (Date + Time Flexible)

No Experience Necessary!

4 1hr lessons

$99 per person

*these prices do not include golf balls*
















Ron Young is a PGA Golf Professional with over forty years of experience.  He has been teaching the game to thousands of  players of ALL levels ranging from beginners to touring professionals.  Due to his love for teaching, his career as a head golf professional at both a semi-private and private club would segue into teaching full time at different venues around the country.  Among the more noteworthy golf resorts where Ron taught were the Doral Golf Resort in Miami and Harder Hall in Sebring, FL.  He learned under the auspice of world renowned instructor Jimmy Ballard.  Ron credits Jimmy for being the greatest influence on what and how he teaches because it works!  Ron's teaching philosophy is simple.  If a player can make a movement with balance and connection (arms, club, and body working in harmony), the rest will fall in place."  He believes that anyone with perseverance can become a competent golfer.


"If a person can make an underhanded tossing motion to a target, he or she can swing a golf club."






"Over the years Ron Young has developed into one of my finest teachers.  He has a good eye, does not need video to diagnose, can narrow down the problem and simply explain the solution.  His knowledge of connection defines his teaching."

Jimmy Ballard


"Ron will help you take your game to the next level.  Whether you are a beginner learning to play, or an experienced player wanting to lower your handicap, his teaching method is simple and easy to understand."

Emilio Adames         Longtime Student


"Ron will listen to you and watch you with 100 percent of his attention.  He will find the best way to help you do what you need to improve."

Larry Viarengo         PGA Professional


"I travel from Boston to work with Ron.  He flat out is a great teacher with passion and enthusiasm who knows how to keep It simple and keep your game improving."

Dick LaFreniere

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